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Kiana P. (Douglasville, GA 2/4/18 via The KNOT):: Warning! This is long but worth the information! 

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most intimate and cherished parts of wedding planning for a bride. Many women dream of the day they will have the opportunity to stand in front of their family and friends and dawn a dress that exemplifies a lifetime of daydreaming. The dress is more than a mere piece of clothing, it is a symbol, a physical manifestation of a heart finally settled with its mate. I know, it sounds a tad bit self-absorbed and riddled with a serious Disney Princess, TLC "Say Yes to the Dress" complex. However, it is what it is.

While many of us are excited about dress shopping, there are still many more who want the dress but dread the very idea of trying on a million heavy dresses in a tiny hot room. This my friends, was me. I loved the idea of a beautiful dress and the experience. Unfortunately, previous experiences had conditioned me to believe that I would have limited options and only certain silhouettes to choose from. As a former debutant, I remember the dress shopping experience and how discouraged and self-conscious I felt at every appointment. Never having a sample that fit, always being told that they could “cover that up”, and only have 3 hideous options to choose from while I watched my fellow debs rummage through racks of options.

Needless to say, I was not willing to relive this. I knew when I got married I wouldn’t put myself through that process again. So before I went dress shopping I set a few rules.

  1.  I didn’t want to spend months slipping in and out of a million dresses.
  2. I wanted to feel like I had options.
  3. I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg 
  4. I wanted to be able to trust the vendor selling me the dress and I wanted to know that when they saw me they saw possibilities rather than limitations. 

I was very selective in making my appointments and choosing particular vendors. I went to one appointment that resulted in me quietly crying in a fitting room while my friend and mother sat outside thinking I was just taking it all in. The dresses were dingy and ill-fitting. It just wasn’t what I was looking for and I could feel myself spiraling (enter the drama stage left.)

When I went home I called my friend and talked about how we were both disappointed with the selection and quality of the dresses. She began googling and suggested a shop near her home in Fayetteville.

We went online and made an appointment that would fit in between a slew of appointments I had made for the next day. From the moment I walked in, I knew I would find my dress at the Curvy Rose. The friendliness, kindness, and enthusiasm of Kanika, Chanza, and Mama immediately drew me in. These ladies are amazing! They looked me over, listened to my requests and thumbed through my Pinterest. They never forced me to a particular section of the racks. They watched carefully as I talked about what I  like and didn’t like about particular dresses. They asked me specific clarifying questions and made suggestions. Within minutes they were pulling one beautiful dress after the next. I loved ALL of them.

After spinning around in several dresses I narrowed it down to two that I couldn’t choose between. There were aspects of both dresses I loved. Kanika stopped, looked pensive and then had a lightbulb moment. She went into the fitting room and pulled out a dress that I hadn’t tried on. It was a PERFECT combination of the two dresses I loved. It was instant. It was a sample that fit almost perfectly. The minute I put it on I knew it was THE ONE (sorry husband). Not only was it perfect but the price was way under budget. (These ladies don’t believe in the 'Bait and Switch’ price game). I walked out of there 20 minutes later with THE dress and a matching veil in tow.

But their awesome service didn’t stop there. They put me in contact with a wonderful seamstress who is talented and affordable! During fittings Chanza and Kanika were there walking around me, checking every stitch, fighting with every button, and making sure that they saw what I couldn’t. They were my eyes when I couldn’t see, my ears when I wasn’t listening (sorry I tend to daydream), and my voice when I didn’t know what questions to ask.  I even had a hair and bra crisis that they solved for me.

I am very aware that this was a very lengthy post but I wanted to make sure that I fully expressed my experience. If you are like me you will read 100 reviews before making a choice. I am here to tell you that Curvy Rose is not a choice it is THE choice for a bride to be. If you are looking for an experience you will never forget, with people who truly care about you, then Curvy Rose is the place for you. Cancel those other appointments and find yourself in Fayetteville, GA on the couch choosing the most important dress you will ever wear with true friends.

Latoya O. (Pell City, AL 2/4/2018 via Facebook):: The Curvy Rose Boutique made shopping for my wedding dress a great experience. I am glad I drove from Alabama to this shop. Kanika and Chanza made sure I had a variety to choose from. I was most impressed with how well they interpreted my wedding style into dress selections. The FIRST dress I tried on was IT! I tried other dresses but said yes to the 1st DRESS!

Ann S. (Atlanta, GA 11/16/2017 via The KNOT):: All I can say is awesome consultants. I had two visits to the store and each time I went the atmosphere was very welcoming. Kanika & Chanza are just awesome! They remembered every little detail from my first visit. I appreciated that moment because I felt that I was all that mattered at that point in time. ... The store was full of beautiful selections and not costly at all compared to other stores that I've been to. I had a smile on my face the entire time and that's something that I loved about being there. I appreciate you ladies and all that you do. I cant wait to walk down the isle in my timeless dress!

Diamond M. (Atlanta, GA 10/2017 via Google)::  I absolutely love these ladies, my mom was in town for a short period of time so Kanika and Chanza opened the shop for us on their day off. I found the gown that day. I had a wonderful experience with these ladies, they were so patient and kind. They actually had gowns that fit me, I wear 16/18 but every other bridal boutique I went to had hardly any dresses that were flattering on me. My dress and veil was delivered in a timely manner, they really took great care of me and my needs. I would recommend this bridal store to any of my curvy ladies.

Ashley S. (Atlanta, GA 7/20/2017 via Facebook):: I made a snap decision to book an appointment with this boutique last week and I'm Sooo happy I did!! Both sisters made me feel very welcomed and they were both extremely helpful. This was my first bridal appointment ever and like most of us I was scared to death of how I would look in a wedding dress (lol). I was pleasantly surprised. Ladies, check them out. You won't be disappointed.

Miranda D. (Atlanta, GA 6/2017 via Facebook):: The beautiful sisters at Curvy Rose were patient, sweet, and extremely kind. They really took their time to find me the perfect dress and made me as a plus size bride feel great about shopping for my perfect bridal gown! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I highly suggest for any plus size brides to visit this boutique.

Anna R. (Atlanta, GA 4/29/2017 via Facebook):: The happiest bridal boutique I have been to. They will give you a genuine experience that you will never forget. As a curvy bride I was able to find the perfect dress for the unforgettable moments. Thank you Curvy Rose Staff for your help.

LaQuita R. (10/17/2016 Hampton, GA via The KNOT):: I enjoyed my experience because I am from Texas and all of my family is there. I was still able to share the experience with my mom via video. The consultants were awesome with ensuring the dresses were filmed as I tried them on. I would recommend them to the next curvy bride.

Lauren M. (10/7/2016 Jonesboro, GA):: I have spent the majority of my engagement looking for the perfect dress for my perfect day. At every store I went to I had every request for how I saw myself on my day ignored. I was squeezed and stuffed into dress after dress and was simply unable to visualize and wasn't given any help to see how I would look on my day. I became stressed and no longer wanted to look for a wedding dress.  Then I found Curvy Rose. Kanika and Chanza are angels. They listened to my past experiences and reassured me that I would look beyond fabulous on my wedding day. Having me as the only appointment meant they could focus on only me. The service that they gave me was exceptional and unlike anything I've gotten anywhere. Words cannot describe how happy they made me before I even looked at the dresses because they listened to every single thing I said. I had a particular dress in mind that they didn't have but they were able to put me in something similar and break down how the one I had in mind would be. No one had ever done that. They were so in touch with me that they knew I found my dress before I knew it. As a curvy person shopping for regular clothes is difficult but shopping for your wedding gown is almost impossible. The ladies of Curvy Rose are here specifically for that reason and make being a curvy bride special.

Tavi F. (10/6/2016 St. Joseph, LA via Facebook):: Curvy Rose by far gave me the experience I will remember for a lifetime. They took me in and treated me like the a "Blushing Bride to Be", not a plus size woman. We laughed, smile, frowned, and even enjoyed a little wine--they truly listened to my concerns. They were awesome. Choose "Curvy Rose" for you Experience of a Lifetime, you won't be disappointed!!!!

LaKeisha B. (Hampton, GA 9/7/2016 via The KNOT):: I was so happy to find a boutique for women with curves, so I booked an appointment right away LOL. During my first fitting, the service blew me away. When I walked in, my name was on a little board, the displays where all out, and it was just the 2 sisters and I (plus my 4 year old LOL) They listened to everything I had to say from start to finish about my vision (which was kinda blurry),they processed it, and executed! I would tell ANY bride that has worried about how they would find "THE PERFECT" dress because of a little thickness please check out Curvy Rose today! These sisters have become family to me (Ms. Kanika literally watched my child while I tried on dresses LOL).

I left that night with 2 dresses in mind and just so I could say "I tried" I went to a more commercial well-known Bridal store.... you should know who I'm referring too LOL Between 2 of their locations I tried on 8 gowns only to find the 1 dress I liked that was sooooo out of my price range I was left very unhappy with the thought of spending more than what I wanted to on a dress. So I went back to Curvy Rose and tried on 1 of the 2 dresses from the first time and 2 additional dresses, and then it happened!!! One of the dresses I put on I FINALLY had that moment.... I saw myself standing next to my soon-to-be husband and this feeling of joy over took me.

I say all this to say... Go try on dresses, have the full experience, then go to other places, try on more dresses, feel the difference in the service. This is my first time being a Bride so I wanted to just try options and get information.... but trust me you will end up back at Curvy Rose IN LOVE with your dress and their prices. I have said YES to my dress and I know that the experience I had I will take with me and never forget! I'm so thankful to The Knot for having them listed as vendors, without it I would have never known other wise about this wonderful boutique. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO GET ROSED @ Curvy Rose Boutique TODAY!!!! I'm sending every Bride I know right to them! #IveBeenRosed #ISaidYESToMyDress #MyCurvesGotServed

Lorna M. (Atlanta, GA 8/13/2016 via Facebook):: Intimate setting where I felt special. All the attention on me with no stress or worry. One on one consult where I felt the care of these ladies. I will recommend to anyone who is looking for bridal info.

Mikequita H. (Atlanta, GA 7/30/2016 via Facebook):: By far the best bridal experience I have had. A place right in my own neighborhood that I knew nothing about until a David Tutera bridal show. Nothing like the typical bridal stores where everyone sees you just a nice one on one experience where I felt comfortable from beginning to end.

Dion G. (Baton Rouge, LA 7/27/2016):: I wanted to e-mail you to thank you for the wonderful experience that you gave me at Curvy Rose during my appointment.  You and your staff treated us like we were family, and that is a feeling that I have not received from any other bridal store that I have visited.  You all were courteous, professional, and most of all...sincere.  It is evident that you truly care about your brides and making them feel beautiful, regardless of shape and size.  For that alone, Curvy Rose is second to none in the business.

Anita S. (Grand Cayman Islands 7/20/2016)::My review of your service is nothing less than excellent! Your patience, kindness and helpfulness was beyond measure…even though you were miles away, I felt as though you were right here with me all the way through finding my perfect dress! I love my dress!!! All I had to do was shorten the sleeves by about an inch which cost only $15.00 AMAZING! The fit was perfect all because you knew what you were doing.

I am so very grateful to have randomly went on to the Curvy Rose site and to encounter Kanika’s amazing expertise in what she does….there was NO pressure but pure pleasure in working with Kanika….I am so happy to refer her to anyone!


Our first Curvy Rose bride, Tavi on her wedding day. Photo credit: Forever Williams Photography

Our first Curvy Rose bride, Tavi on her wedding day. Photo credit: Forever Williams Photography


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