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Choosing Your Veil Part 2

Like we discussed in our previous post, there is a true art to shopping for  veils and deciding whether or not there’s room for one in your wedding look! What we didn’t cover last time, was the process you go through afterward to make sure your wedding day look is flawless. 


Don’t forget the fabric!

Once you’ve figured out which veil style is perfect for you, you should also think about the type of fabric you want your veil to be made of. The fabric really does make all the difference between having a heavy veil that weighs on your hair, and having a light and manageable veil.

Tulle, silk, lace, and satin are common fabric choices for veils; however, tulle is the most common and budget friendly option.

Examples of veil fabrics. 

Examples of veil fabrics. 


Remember your hair...

Your hair is an important aspect of your wedding day. You want to make sure your veil works with you bridal hairdo, so showcase that! Whether you opt for simple curls, a chignon, a bohemian updo, or something more natural, you should consider whether your desired veil highlights your overall style.

A beautiful bride getting her veil perfectly placed. @loveweddingsng

A beautiful bride getting her veil perfectly placed. @loveweddingsng

Your hairstyle may affect the placement of your veil and how it is able to be secured in your hair. Certain hairstyles, such as updos, will allow for the veil to be pinned above to create a more classic and voluminous style. Don’t forget to bring your veil with you to any trial hair appointments, so you and your hair stylist can work together to find the perfect look!

Don’t forget hair accessories!

Your accessories can either make or break the overall look of your gown and veil together. If you’re going for a more blinged out wedding complete with statement accessories, you need to be mindful of the balance between elegance and doing way too much. If you’re going for the princess look by opting for a crown, you should be aware that not all veil styles work with crowns, so feel free to try different looks with your dress.

A bride getting her gorgeous headband perfectly placed before adding her veil.  

A bride getting her gorgeous headband perfectly placed before adding her veil.  

Just remember, volume doesn’t work well with extra drama. Tiaras don’t always mix with longer veils, but ornate headbands do! Mantillas look great with ornate combs or own its own. Blushers and birdcage styles can be embellished with unique accents like floral barrettes or feather clips. Just like your day-to-day wardrobe, your wedding accessories should all match your theme and fit together.

Finally, think about application:

You should consider how easy it is to put the veil on and take it off. This is much like the bustles article. Despite your best made plans you don’t know who is going to be there to help you take your veil off and/or put it back on. It’s best to go for a style that is easy to do yourself, if need be. This will save time, frustration, and future panic.

Bride with a lace trimmed fingertip length veil.

Bride with a lace trimmed fingertip length veil.

Like every other aspect of selecting your wedding look, choosing a veil requires a little bit of work, but finding the perfect one goes a long way in pulling together your bridal look. Whether you’re going for blinged out drama or an understated vibe, you’ll know when you’ve found the perfect hair accessory to balance with your veil and gown. Hopefully we’ve answered enough of your questions about veil styles here in this blog. As always, Curvy Rose is here to assist in whatever you need, if you have more questions on veil styles, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help.






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