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Wedding Pros We Love

 Last week on Facebook Live and Instagram, we featured wedding pros we love. If you haven't already noticed, my sister and I LOVE weddings and everything related to them. From florals and venues to favors and tablescapes, we enjoy it all. So when we run across wedding pros that have a unique spin on the traditional, have a creative eye or offer a great service, we can't wait to share them with you. Coosa Designs, I Do Lending  and  Five Fourteen Photography fit into all of these categories and we are thrilled to share them with you all. 

Coosa Designs

We met Gary, the owner of Coosa Designs at a bridal show in Atlanta this past January. If you've ever been to a bridal show, you know how overwhelming they can be with so many photographers, florists, venues and bakers to choose from. So as Chanza and I meandered our way through all of the pretty things that couples love, I saw this really unique booth with these interesting wooden and glass pieces that looked like artwork. As I got closer, I saw the little hearts inside these framed picture frames and was even more curious. Turns out, they are a new twist on a classic wedding staple that most don't think about until days before, the guestbook. You can pick up a guestbook almost anywhere. Usually set out in the vestibule of the church or on a table at the ceremony, guests are asked to submit their name, address and the like. After the day is over, the book is tossed into a box. Not with a Coosa Designs guest book. 

Each Coosa guest book is custom made with your wedding in mind. Gary is an expert designer who can take your logo or theme and create a guest book that will be a living monument of your special day. Guests write a message on these little hearts and drop them into a slot at the top of the frame. You can then take the entire piece and hang it up as a piece of artwork in your home. It makes a great gift for a wedding or anniversary. We loved his work so much, that we asked him to make a guest book for Curvy Rose. Here are few examples of the shapes Gary can make for you. He can do pretty much anything, just give him a call and he'll make it happen. 

Another example of a Coosa guest book. A great wedding or anniversary heirloom that you can hang in your home and pass on to your kids.

I Do Lending

I know what you are thinking, how is this chick going to tell me about putting my wedding on a credit card? But hear me out.  I Do Lending is not a credit card. It's a leasing program that allows you to buy your dress and accessories and pay it off over time. Think of it as a layaway plan with low monthly payments. To be fair, the amount you can spend is determined on your monthly income. To avoid identity theft, you will have to provide your social security number. Unlike a store credit card with high interest rates, I Do Lending charges very little interest and you are not penalized for paying off your dress sooner. So if you really want that dress that it a bit over budget, why not apply for an I DO Lending account? It costs nothing to apply and you have two years to pay of your dream gown. How cool is that?

Five fourteen photography

Being a plus size store, we want all of our brides to look and feel their most beautiful on your wedding day. It's really not about size for us, it's more about capturing the radiant glow that all brides have. And having a photographer that isn't afraid to take up close shots of a curvy bride is an indicator of their ability to see beauty beyond size. This is why we love Five Fourteen Photography.  This husband and wife team is passionate about the couples they serve and are committed to telling your unique love story in a beautiful and romantic way. Their work speaks for itself.  

These are only a few of the wedding pros we love. Coosa Designs has offered and additional discount if you mention us when you order. I Do Lending is a great resource to get the gown you love. You can apply through the link below or visit Curvy Rose to find out more. Lastly, Five Fourteen Photography are great photographers who are not afraid to capture your most radiant moments. They have a variety of options and packages available. They also travel, so location is not an issue. Please let us know if you choose any of these wedding pros and  share the experience you have with them. We are always happy to help. 




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