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Bridal Fashion Week Recap and 3 Looks for Under 2K

Like a lot of you, we are swooning over the new Fall collections that bridal designers have been showing at NYBridal Fashion Week and Barcelona Fashion Week. From Kleinfeld's Randy Fenoli's bridal collection debut to Christian Siriano's welcomed introduction of couture gowns in sizes up to 24, we are so excited to see these fresh new trends in bridal that will be arriving in stores this summer. 

This gorgeous Sophia Tolli gown is from the Fall 2017 collection. 

This gorgeous Sophia Tolli gown is from the Fall 2017 collection. 

This stunning MoriLee gown will be in our store in late summer. 

This stunning MoriLee gown will be in our store in late summer. 

Most designers already have their new Fall collections on their websites. So if your favorite designer hasn't updated their websites, they will be soon. We are lucky that two of our designers, MoriLee and Sophia Tolli have their Fall collections up on their websites and let me say, they are absolutely GORGEOUS! Chanza and I had a hard time deciding which dresses to order for our Curvy Rose brides. 

One of the many stunning MoriLee Fall 2017 (5577) dresses we will have in our store for you to try on!

One of the many stunning MoriLee Fall 2017 (5577) dresses we will have in our store for you to try on!


We understand that budget is a concern for all brides and we are striving to make sure that we have quality, on trend dresses at a variety of price points. Our sample rack is chock full of beautiful, gently worn dresses priced at a steal. Some bridal stores don't take care of their samples. They can be smelly, sweaty and even dirty. Not here at Curvy Rose. We take care of all of our dress samples. That's one of the reasons why we have 1 on 1 appointments and help you into each gown. And for the first time, we've made all of these dresses available on our website for purchase. So if your wedding is coming up and you've missed the deadlines for ordering your gown, check out what we have. They won't be in our store long as we only have about 20 dresses or so and smaller sizes are going fast. You won't be disappointed!

A photo of our current of our samples that we are selling. Great deals in sizes 20 and up! First come, first served. You can also buy them online. 

A photo of our current of our samples that we are selling. Great deals in sizes 20 and up! First come, first served. You can also buy them online. 

Our MoriLee collection is another great option for brides who are looking for a gown under $2K. We added MoriLee this Spring and couldn't be more happy with the style and fit of their gowns. In fact, this past Sunday NYTimesFashion featured MoriLee's designer, Madeline Gardener, as 2 of the top 11 dresses under $2K. Madeline Gardener is one of the best in the bridal industry and we are proud to have MoriLee, BLU and Julietta lines in our store. 

Dresses of the week: You can get these entire looks dress, veil and headpiece for under $2k

Dresses of the week: You can get these entire looks dress, veil and headpiece for under $2k

Keeping in mind that the median dress budget in the US is less than $1,500 we featured 3 dresses with entire looks (including dress, headpiece and veil) for under $2k. These looks became our window display for the week. We even bumbled through our first Facebook Live and Instagram Story. We are still a work in progress, but we couldn't be more happy to serve our Curvy brides with on trend, great fitting dresses at an awesome price point. 

Our first Facebook Live post featuring 3 bridal looks for under $2k.



What shape looks best on me?

One of my pet peeves is watching a curvy bride be pressured into trying on a dress that is too small, encouraged to buy an unflattering gown, or asked to imagine how a gown would like on her, all because the salon has a limited number of gowns in her size. It makes me down right angry to see women degraded with words like, "well we only have a limited number of plus size gowns to choose from," or "there's only so much we can do, sorry." It's down right mean. What the bridal industry considers to be a beautiful bride is changing and I want you, as a bride-to-be, to arm yourself with the bridal vocabulary to clearly communicate what you are looking for, predetermine what looks best on you, and quickly assess if the salon you are visiting can accommodate your needs. Your time is precious and you don't need to spend time in places that are unwilling to help you look your best on your special day. At Curvy Rose, we know what looks good on women of all shapes and sizes and we want to partner with you in finding the gown that reflects your personality, vision and love for your partner.  

One of the most important aspects of finding the right gown is understanding the shapes and fabrics you will encounter on your journey. If you are like many women, telling the difference between a ball gown  and a sheath is easy, but figuring out the difference between a mermaid, trumpet or in some cases an A-line is tough. Depending on the design and details of a gown it could be a smash-up of two different shapes. The wonderful news is, there is always a dominant shape to every wedding gown and more importantly, you have a dominant shape. Once you marry the two, you'll win every time. 

So let's tackle each shape individually and give you some ideas on the wedding gown shapes that would look best on you. 

photo courtesy of:

photo courtesy of:


If you carry most of your weight around your middle, you are an Apple shape, like me. What's great about being an Apple? You have killer legs, nice shoulders and a great bust line. It's time to show them off! 

What to Look for: Look for gowns that define the waist and show off your shoulders or legs. Whether you opt for ruching (wrap details), empire waist, off the shoulder or lace appliqué, dresses with a defined skirt that begins at the thigh or higher work best for you. 

Try on: Sweetheart and V-necklines on A-line (skirt skims along your body into an A shape) and fit and flare (where the full skirt begins at the thigh) and even shorter dresses like Tea length A-lines to show off those gams. Details like beading, especially under the bust are flattering.

Say no: As an Apple shape myself, I'm not a huge fan of the ball gown. I feel like a mound of whipped cream with a sparkly brooch on top, but I've known Apples who love them. Ball gowns do make your waist look smaller. Other shapes to avoid: Sheath (column type dresses) and dropped waist A-lines (where the bodice ends well below the natural waist).

Sophia Tolli - Thema.jpg | Curvy Rose | curvy bride | plus size bridal store
plus size bridal store | Sophia Tolli Daria | Curvy Rose | Atlanta, GA
Sophia Tolli | Curvy Rose | Atlanta, GA | plus size bridal store


If you carry your weight evenly throughout, you are a Rectangle/Banana. What's great about Banana shapes is that you have AWESOME legs and arms. Give them LOVE! 

What to Look for: Dresses that will give you the illusion of a defined waist is key. Dresses that either gather at the waist (a belt can help fit the bill) or flare at the hip or knee. If you are into illusion necklines, opt for a sweetheart or V-neckline to draw attention to the bustline.  

Try on: A-line (where the skirt gradually flares from the waist) and fit-and-flare styles. Gowns with details like a peplum or overskirt work great. If you have a smaller bust, try gowns with spaghetti straps or a plunging neckline. Empire cuts and ball gowns are also a flattering option. 

Say no: Sheaths, clingy or shiny fabrics like satin and chiffon. 

Pronovias - Tamara.jpg | Curvy Rose | Atlanta, GA | plus size bridal store
Sophia Tolli Andria | Curvy Rose | plus size bridal store
Sophia Tolli - Adelie .jpg | Curvy Rose | plus size bridal store | Atlanta, GA

If that waist gap on that pair of jeans give you the blues, you're probably a Pear. What's great about being a Pear? You've got a great butt and nice hips!

What to Look for: Dresses with a lot of details on the top, lace appliqué, beading and details that draw the attention to your upper body. Ruching or wrap details that accentuate the waist are also stunning on this figure. 

Try on: A line gowns,  empire waist gowns (where the skirt begins under the bust), Fit and Flare dresses (where the skirt begins at the thigh or higher), and ball gowns. 

Say no: Sheaths and dresses made with clingy fabrics that will show every lump.  

MoriLee | Curvy Rose | Atlanta, GA | plus size bridal store
Pronovias.jpg | Curvy Rose | Plus size bridal store | Atlanta, GA
Sophia Tolli - Nightingale.jpg | Curvy Rose | Atlanta, GA | plus size bridal store

Last but not least, the most coveted of the female figure. If you're busty, got a defined waist and round hips, you are an Hourglass. What's great about being an Hourglass? EVERYTHING!!

What to Look for: Sweetheart, scoop or V-necklines do a great job of showing off your bust. Halters are not as popular today, but they are a nice option for you too. Look for full skirts on Fit and Flare's as well as Fit and Flare's with a slimmer skirt. Highlighting your waist and hips are key. 

Try on: Drop-waist (where the bodice extends well below the waist), Fit and Flare dresses that begin at the thigh and lower. Sheath and A line gowns are stunning on this figure too. 

Say no: Ruffles, ball gowns. These shapes distract the eye and hide your curves. 

Sophia Tolli - Marquesa.jpg | Curvy Rose | Atlanta, GA | plus size bridal
Sophia Tolli - Prinia.jpg | plus size bridal store | Curvy Rose | Atlanta, GA
MoriLee | Atlanta, GA | plus size bridal store | Curvy Rose

Even with all of these gown shapes as a guide, what you choose to wear on your special day is completely up to you. It's been our experience that a bride knows when she has found the one. Follow your intuition and you'll take your partner's breath away. 

For the Bride with Curves

Curvy is the new black in fashion these days and I'm thrilled that the time has come where women of all shapes and sizes are celebrated for who they are, not how small their dress size happens to be. For someone like me who has always struggled with weight, I love seeing curvy women on the covers of Sports Illustrated and Ebony magazinesI'm loving @Gabifresh, @TheAshleyGraham, and @FullerFigureFullerBust on Instagram right now.  

I'm also insanely excited about the plus-size bridal movement. Whether you love lace, beading, or prefer elegant satin or boho chic, it's out there. There are so many beautiful gowns available today that I giggle with glee. @PrettyPearBride is an AWESOME bridal resource for curvy girls like us. Finding photos of curvy brides are still rare, but Shafonne @PrettyPearBride showcases brides in fabulous, stylish wedding gowns that you'll enjoy. 

I love this  blog . It is a great resource for curvy brides.

I love this blog. It is a great resource for curvy brides.


I love thumbing through wedding magazines and clicking through websites from my favorite wedding gown designers, but the real proof is in trying these gorgeous gowns on. You know the saying, what looks great on one person may look horrid on someone else. Your dream dress may not fit the way you hoped, so having an open mind and finding a bridal retailer you feel great working with is so important. At Curvy Rose, we understand your concerns and many of us (including myself) have had similar journey's in finding our dream gowns. 

This stunning gown from  Callista  is expected in the store this Summer in Ivory. 

This stunning gown from Callista is expected in the store this Summer in Ivory. 


You may be saying, my fiance loves my curves, and most days I wear my curves with confidence, but this whole gown shopping thing sucks. Will I find a gown like the David Tutera one my cousin wore at her wedding last year? Aw, maybe I should just go to one of those BIG BOX places and grab a dress off the rack. It might not be as stylish or high quality, but doggonnit at least Aunt Martha will stop talking about the weight she lost on that liquid diet and I won't have to watch my best friend look the other way when I'm forced into a gown that is three sizes too small.  

Don't settle for less when you deserve so much more! Think about it, your wedding album lasts forever (I just looked at my parents wedding album the other day).  This is your chance to look STUNNING on your wedding day, to walk down that aisle KNOWING that even with the help of some crazy diet, Aunt Martha never looked THIS good. 

So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment with Curvy Rose and put them all to shame. We are a new store offering a range of styles from well-known designers like Sophia Tolli and MoriLee (arriving in the Fall). We also carry other designers such as Bonny and Callista. New styles are arriving every month, so take a look at our collections page to see our current inventory. Remember, the proof is not in how a gown looks on someone in your Instagram feed, but how great it looks on you. Visit our boutique and receive the bridal experience you deserve!




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