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Managing Stress on Your Wedding Day

Last week, we gave you tips on how to navigate through the stress of wedding planning. This week, we’re going to give you some tips on how to manage your stress on your actual wedding day. This isn’t true for all brides, but on the day of the wedding your anxiety and stress levels will likely be off the charts. Your excitement may lead to only a few winks of sleep the night before and you’ll probably feel like a excited child on Christmas Eve, but your wedding day is the day you’ve been waiting for, where the rubber meets the road. Truthfully, you probably won’t relax until after you say “I do,” but hey! You made it!

Here at Curvy Rose, we have a couple of tips on how to keep your stress levels from completely consuming you before you walk down the aisle.

(Martin Short as Franck in Father of the Bride [1991])

(Martin Short as Franck in Father of the Bride [1991])

Hire a Wedding Coordinator

If it’s in your budget to do so, you should definitely consider hiring a wedding coordinator for the day. Having a wedding coordinator is a key to keeping the stress at bay on your wedding day. Their sole job is to ensure that everything stays on schedule and make sure that all the details happen the way you and your fiancé envisioned.

Most of your wedding day stress will come from worries on whether everything is where it needs to be. Your wedding coordinator’s job is to worry about all of these things for you and to take care of all the small things and any forgotten things like hairspray or vows. Your coordinator will make sure everyone in the bridal party is where they need to be. Plus it is this person’s job to know exactly what you want and share your vision for how everything is supposed to look!

Another perk of hiring a wedding coordinator, is that they will also take care of any post wedding clean up and/or rental returns. This saves you from having to ask your most trusted family and/or bridal party members to take care of these post wedding duties.

Make a Playlist

Music makes everything better! Compile a list of your favorite music that you can play while you’re getting ready. Shoot for a 4 - 6 hour playlist just to be on the safe side. You can even make a themed playlist, to get into that cheer bride mindset! Spotify, Popsugar, and Bridal Musing have playlists ready to go for you if you don’t have time to create this playlist.

Many research teams have found that listening to music is an effective way to decrease stress levels.

If you send your MOH to    Starbucks   , see if the barista will label your respective orders!

If you send your MOH to Starbucks, see if the barista will label your respective orders!

Give someone the task of running your errands for you

Your maid of honor usually handles the task of running last minute errands for you. They are your “assistant” for the day. Do you need coffee? Send your “assistant.” Do you want french fries to snack on while you’re getting ready? Send your “assistant.” Did you forget something at the hotel or your house? Send your “assistant.”

This won’t be as hard or awkward to initiate as you might think. Once you arrive on site, everyone will ask if you need anything. Feel free to take them up on it. If they’re already happy to do it, then that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Detox baths are a great way to unwind and feel like you’re at the spa!    shares plenty of tips on how to create the perfect detox bath.Curvy Rose is not a paid sponsor for herbs and oil remedies.

Detox baths are a great way to unwind and feel like you’re at the spa! shares plenty of tips on how to create the perfect detox bath.Curvy Rose is not a paid sponsor for herbs and oil remedies.

Do something fun the day/night before

Yes, your wedding is the next day and you want to use every ounce of the day before to make sure everything is in order.  The fun activity you choose to do doesn’t haven’t to be a long event. You can go catch a movie with your fiancé or your bridal party. Go to a painting class, or just have some friends over and host a pre-wedding painting party. Do something that doesn’t have anything to do with the wedding!

Just remember that if your “fun thing” involves alcohol, practice moderation. Hangovers aren’t fun, especially when you’re supposed to be walking down the aisle.

Photo by @akintayotimi. 

Photo by @akintayotimi. 


Take some time to sit in reflection and solitude. This helps to clear your mind and bring on a sense of serenity. I’d recommend doing this in the morning, before you’re surrounded by your bridal party and the chaos of wedding preparations. Or, you can include your entire bridal party in this time. This way, you’re all able to relax and reach that place of serenity together. Plus, this could would make for a great bonding experience and photo opportunity!

Release Some Endorphins

Go for a jog the morning of, do some yoga, go to the gym, or take a spin class! If you’re having a morning or midday wedding, you could do these things the night or afternoon before. What better way to release your stress than to sweat it out? You can workout for about 45 minutes, jump in the shower, and then get married.

Just remember, the morning of your wedding isn’t necessarily the time to try something you’ve never done before or to over exert yourself. Whatever you do, be safe about it and possibly take someone with you!

YouTube is also a great resource for quick home workouts you can do!

Give Your Bridal Party a Timeline of the Wedding Day

Not only is it stressful to have multiple people asking where they’re supposed to be and what they’re supposed to be doing on the big day, but it’s really annoying. You’re trying to get yourself together and keep yourself calm! It’s much easier to email everyone a PDF of the schedule they can expect to follow for the day. This way, any questions they would have had for you regarding the schedule will be in their hands on their phones. Plus, this will hopefully eliminate any stress caused by people showing up late for their hair and makeup sessions, or the departure if you’re prepping somewhere different than your wedding location.

If you’re having an unplugged wedding, text them the schedule the night before and print out some copies to hand to each of the ladies once they arrive for hair and makeup.

You, or someone on your bridal party, can type these timelines up on your computer and print them out. Etsy is also a great resource for customizable wedding day timeline templates.

Your big day will be a grab bag of emotions, many of them revolving around anxiety, stress, and excitement. You’re embarking on the next chapter your life afterall! Trust us Curvy Rose ladies when we tell you the best thing you can do on the day of your wedding is simply to breathe. Everything will happen the way it is meant to happen. Once you get to the wedding day, there’s really not much left for you to do other than to smile and try to soak in as many memories as possible. As always, Curvy Rose is here to assist in whatever you need. If you need more tips on how to manage stress on the day of your wedding, feel free to contact us!

Fashion Injustice: The Myth of Beauty in a Box

Like a lot of women, I'm learning how to embrace the body I have, not the one I had twenty years ago before my daughters were born. Funny that I've been in this skin all of my life and have never fully embraced all of it's rolls, curves, and stretch marks. It has been a lifelong struggle, a companion really. First, as a chubby kid whose thighs rubbed together and then as a tween who budded earlier than my peers. Depending on my self image at the time, I was either covering up, slimming down, or showing too much. I wanted to wear stylish, fashionable clothes that other girls were wearing, but I eventually gave up in my twenties. Either the proportion was off, the fit was too tight or loose or the length was too short. 

So when I got engaged, I had already been conditioned to believe that I wouldn't be able to find a dress that I loved. I was told there wasn't a demand for gowns for me to try on and that I'd have more success if I lost 20 pounds. But rather than accepting defeat, I fought back by creating a dress that I loved.

Almost ten years later and not much has changed in the fashion industry. Yes, there have been bright spots here and there, yet high-end designers refuse to create collections for curvier women. Like actress Leslie Jones, we have to politely ask someone to dress us for a red carpet premiere. Smaller women don't have to accept less than than deserve, so why are curvy women treated so poorly? This was all the more true at New York's Fashion Week that ended Friday. Other than model, Ashley Graham's lingerie line there was very little focus on women larger than a size 12. So I was ecstatic when Tim Gunn, co-host of LifeTime's cable show Project Runway, wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post exposing the fashion industry's disdain for plus size women. 


Gunn took a stand and I'm thankful that he did. We need more people, including men in the industry to shatter the myth that beauty comes in a tall, thin and blonde package. If you don't fit into these boxes you're not gorgeous, deserving of love or worthy of clothes that look great. 

I hope that celebrities and plus size stores  continue to pressure the industry to change and that more designers will abandon the antiquated ideology that demeans women and distorts the virtues of true beauty. Actress Danielle Brooks just penned an essay charging the media to do a better job of reflecting plus the fact that 67% of American are plus size. 

Perhaps one day I'll make peace and love the curves I have right now. The pressure to conform only has power when you listen to the whisper that says you're not beautiful just as you are. I hope that the work we do at Curvy Rose allows women to silence that voice and embrace their plus size beauty fully and completely.  

Next week at Vow Bridal Market in Atlanta Chanza and I will be choosing another set of wedding gowns for Curvy Rose. Among the beautiful sequins, beads, and lace, we will be looking carefully at designers that understand proportion and fit for curvy plus size women.  Call us soldiers in the fight for fashion justice or advocates for women of all shapes and sizes, we'll keep whacking at that fashion ceiling until it all comes crashing down.  

For the Bride with Curves

Curvy is the new black in fashion these days and I'm thrilled that the time has come where women of all shapes and sizes are celebrated for who they are, not how small their dress size happens to be. For someone like me who has always struggled with weight, I love seeing curvy women on the covers of Sports Illustrated and Ebony magazinesI'm loving @Gabifresh, @TheAshleyGraham, and @FullerFigureFullerBust on Instagram right now.  

I'm also insanely excited about the plus-size bridal movement. Whether you love lace, beading, or prefer elegant satin or boho chic, it's out there. There are so many beautiful gowns available today that I giggle with glee. @PrettyPearBride is an AWESOME bridal resource for curvy girls like us. Finding photos of curvy brides are still rare, but Shafonne @PrettyPearBride showcases brides in fabulous, stylish wedding gowns that you'll enjoy. 

I love this  blog . It is a great resource for curvy brides.

I love this blog. It is a great resource for curvy brides.


I love thumbing through wedding magazines and clicking through websites from my favorite wedding gown designers, but the real proof is in trying these gorgeous gowns on. You know the saying, what looks great on one person may look horrid on someone else. Your dream dress may not fit the way you hoped, so having an open mind and finding a bridal retailer you feel great working with is so important. At Curvy Rose, we understand your concerns and many of us (including myself) have had similar journey's in finding our dream gowns. 

This stunning gown from  Callista  is expected in the store this Summer in Ivory. 

This stunning gown from Callista is expected in the store this Summer in Ivory. 


You may be saying, my fiance loves my curves, and most days I wear my curves with confidence, but this whole gown shopping thing sucks. Will I find a gown like the David Tutera one my cousin wore at her wedding last year? Aw, maybe I should just go to one of those BIG BOX places and grab a dress off the rack. It might not be as stylish or high quality, but doggonnit at least Aunt Martha will stop talking about the weight she lost on that liquid diet and I won't have to watch my best friend look the other way when I'm forced into a gown that is three sizes too small.  

Don't settle for less when you deserve so much more! Think about it, your wedding album lasts forever (I just looked at my parents wedding album the other day).  This is your chance to look STUNNING on your wedding day, to walk down that aisle KNOWING that even with the help of some crazy diet, Aunt Martha never looked THIS good. 

So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment with Curvy Rose and put them all to shame. We are a new store offering a range of styles from well-known designers like Sophia Tolli and MoriLee (arriving in the Fall). We also carry other designers such as Bonny and Callista. New styles are arriving every month, so take a look at our collections page to see our current inventory. Remember, the proof is not in how a gown looks on someone in your Instagram feed, but how great it looks on you. Visit our boutique and receive the bridal experience you deserve!




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