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Our #BeaUtiful Bride Bria

This girl right here! There aren't enough words to express the love we have for our bride Bria. She came in this past summer during our sample sale specifically looking for this gown. It had been featured in our posts over the past year.

We know bridal and we know that some gowns fit smaller in places that you wouldn't expect. This was the problem with this dress. It's a bridal size 20, but portions of the bodice and sleeves were a bit smaller. As any good bridal stylist would do, we tried to steer Bria away from this gown, but she was so in love with it. She asked, "can I do anything to make it fit?" And that's where the journey began...

All photos courtesy of Brit Rae Photography

All photos courtesy of Brit Rae Photography

Bria was so in love with this gown with its gold thread, long sleeves and full ball skirt. It was perfect for her November wedding. Typically, we would have taken Bria's measurements and ordered the gown in her size, but it would've taken up to 18 weeks for it to arrive from the designer. With a November wedding, we just didn't have the time. 

As a bridal shoppe we partner with master seamstresses to make sure that our brides look their absolute best on their wedding day. We work with them to raise hems, take in a bust cup or add a bustle. Bria's dress would need more than those routine nips and tucks. It would require a complete reconstruction, which would challenge us to find a seamstress who had the skill and creativity to take what I imagined could be done and make it a reality. 

After calling and interviewing a few seamstresses, we partnered with well-known alterations expert, Rodica Lazarian of RL Couture Bridal Design in Buckhead. Now keep in mind, Rodica has worked on bridal gowns for celebrities and other high profile clients for years. She is one of THE BEST seamstresses in Atlanta and we knew she would deliver. 

Most bridal shops refer brides to a list of recommended seamstresses and we are no exception. But this was a special case. So in a rare move, we traveled 45 minutes to meet Rodica and Bria to talk about the dress. Kanika and I arrived to see Bria in her gown with the seamstress shaking her head saying, “this is not good, I don’t think this will work.” The disappointment and anxiety in Bria’s face was abundantly clear. 

Undaunted, I gently explained to the team that it would be a challenge, but that seams could be opened up in specific places to reconstruct the gown. We then developed a workable plan on the spot and explained it to Bria. Matching illusion tulle would be needed to completely recreate the back. Complimentary gold lace appliqués would be needed to cover the back and sleeves. The pleats in the skirt would be removed. 

Kanika and I went to work the next day sourcing fabric. We brought our mom along because she loves fabric shopping and she’s our sewing guru (she no longer actively sews, but we rely on her sewing expertise when we’re in a pinch). We went to 3 fabric stores trying to find a good match that would blend seamlessly with the gown. 

We looked around for quite awhile and found the right shade of tulle that blended with the gown, but the lace was a huge challenge. None of the bolts of lace had the right threading or detail we needed. Then we asked one of the managers for help. Over in a cabinet behind the counter, there was a box of all different types of gold lace trim and I thought “yes! She has a secret stash!” She brought it over to us and there it was, the eyelash gold- threaded lace I had been looking for!!!!! She pulled it out and we all sighed “yasss that’s it!!!”

The next week, we got to work.  Rodica began to work with the gown, taking it apart, piece by piece. Gently tweaking the beading, lace, and tulle of the bodice and skirt.

Through 6 alterations appointments (yes 6!!) and multiple trips to the fabric store, Bria’s anxiety began to fade and we really got to know her. We spent hours after an appointment talking about wedding planning, family and travel. One night Bria confided that if this hadn't worked out, she was prepared to buy another dress. But I knew in my heart what was possible and I knew Rodica would deliver. Rodica confessed that in her 42 years of sewing, she had never come across a challenge like this one, but was determined to make it happen. 

By the last appointment, 5 days before the wedding, Bria’s gown was complete. And you know what? Through all the fits and starts, we all agreed that it was totally worth it!!! It was a collaboration that we will never forget. But not only that, it was a labor of love for our bride Bria. And you should have seen Taveres’ face when he saw his bride for the first time and said his vows. He could barely hold back the tears. 😭 

So, yeah it may look like just a wedding dress to you, but it represents the beginning of a lifetime of love and joy for Bria and Taveres. And that’s who we are. At Curvy Rose, we #chooselove with every bride and lean-in to whatever is needed to make their moment special. The bride is our focus, and we are relentless in our pursuit to bring her vision to life. 

If you, or a bride you know is interested in our Alterations Concierge Service, please click the link or give us a call!! We’d love to bring your vision to life!


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