Curvy Rose

A Boutique for the Curvy Bride

Serving Brides up to Size 32. Strictly by Appointment Only.

Who is Curvy Rose?


We are an appointment only South Atlanta bridal boutique specializing in wedding gowns up to size 32. Unlike the traditional big box experience, our store offers brides 1 on 1 appointments where privacy, craftsmanship, and customer care are our top priority. We opened our doors in April 2016 in Fayetteville, GA and have served dozens of brides in their search  of a unique high quality gown that accentuates their curves. Within our petite gallery you will be tended to by a friendly staff of curvy women who understand the frustration of finding a gown that is flattering, beautiful and high quality. Every woman deserves an elegant bridal experience no matter her size and at Curvy Rose we are dedicated to making you look and feel your best. 

 LiviBlue Photography

LiviBlue Photography

Kanika Riley, Owner

In her struggle to find the perfect dress as a curvy bride in 2008, Kanika traveled across two states looking for an on-trend gown that had the details and fabrication that made her curves look stunningly beautiful. Exasperated by the limited selection of gowns to choose from, rude salespeople and being squeezed into gowns that were just too small, her then fiancé, James, encouraged Kanika to help other curvy brides in their search. Being very much in-love and busy with their two small children, Kanika put the idea on the back burner. James passed away unexpectedly in 2013 and after being laid-off from a marketing position in the non-profit sector, the dream of serving curvy brides resurfaced. Fueled by her love of wedding gown designs, quality customer service and the unconditional love of her family, Curvy Rose was born in 2015. When she's not at Curvy Rose serving brides or partnering with new or existing vendors, Kanika enjoys binge watching the PBS drama, Downton Abbey. She lives in the Atlanta area with her two daughters. 
  LiviBlue Photography

 LiviBlue Photography

Chanza Richardson,

Owner & Creative Director

As a child Chanza knew she loved fashion. She used to sit at her mother’s side, fascinated by how a few pieces of "paper," fabric and thread could be transformed into a fun costume or frilly dress. From clothing changes throughout the day, to finding the perfect outfit to roller skate in, Chanza always had a knack for expressing her creativity through fashion. Fueled by her love of all things couture, she partnered with her sister Kanika’s vision to bring on-trend, stylish gowns to the under-served curvy bride. From the feel, cut, and construction of a garment, Chanza’s passion to find the perfect gown for each bride is her sole ambition. As Curvy Rose's Creative Director, she makes sure that every gown meets the texture, quality and price point that today's curvy brides are searching for. A strong believer in expert tailoring, high fashion and customer service, Chanza is the go-to person for all things on-trend and stylish, with a dash whimsy.




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